ecoflex is an umbrella name for all the upcoming steps we will be taking to foster our position as “Europe’s Speciality and Sack Kraft Paper capital”. This ambitious vision of our mill will be built on the first important project milestones: modernising and preparing Mondi Štětí’s infrastructure to strengthen the mill set-up and, in the long term, paper production. Alongside state-of-the-art technology, which enables environmentally friendly production the investment project will have a positive impact on the region’s economic development. Moreover, multiple local contractors will be involved during the construction period. The ecoflex project will offer the mill and our employees stability of production and potential for further growth, while continuing the near 70-year tradition in paper production in Štětí.

Roman Senecky
Managing director Mondi Štětí

About Mondi Štětí

The tradition of papermaking in Štětí dates back to 1949. With almost 70 years of experience the mill has played an important role in the paper industry of the Czech Republic and as a supporter of to the local economy of the Štětí region. In 2004 the Štětí mill became part of Mondi, the international packaging and paper group that employs around 25,000 people across more than 30 countries. The mill ranks among the 100 most important companies in the Czech Republic and is one of the largest employers in the Ústí region.

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